Dedicated to changing the way skincare is delivered.
Behind Glowism is a team of passionate and determined entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, dermatologists, and estheticians — who are working hard behind-the-scenes to bring a modern-day digital solution to fill in the gaps that exist in the current landscape of skin health.
The beginning
The inception of the idea is when one of us was researching to buy a new moisturizer to soothe her eczema, which has been on and off for many years, but spent hours on end without good results. After talking with a wider audience, we realized this is a shared frustration for people with problematic skin:

With a long list of factors problematic skin might react to, it's very hard to follow other people's recommendations, be it friends, influencers or peers in online communities; at the same time, dermatologists' help is sought after with caution due to strong side effects of the prescribed medications; and many times limited as well since dermatologists couldn't help with choosing OTC products to build a home care routine. People with skin conditions are often left alone to figure it out on their own, with the risk of further damaging their skin by random trial-and-error.
40-50 million
Acne sufferers in the US
35 million
Eczema sufferers in the US
Women in the US declare sensitive skin
People with skin problems rank finding compatible skincare as #1 problem
As techies immersed with innovations in Silicon Valley day-to-day, we couldn't believe in the age of self-driving cars and robotic surgery, skincare consumers could only rely on spreadsheets, outdated tools, and peer recommendations to solve their problems.

Companies in this industry who have the resources to invest in technology (all the buzz like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, etc) are only focusing on getting more sales, rather than answering the hard questions for consumers throughout the journey:

Would the product actually work for the customer? If it doesn't, what's next? Would it cause the customer's skin to act up? If so, what's next? Would it contradict with any of the products/procedures the customer is currently using? Is there anything on other fronts of the customer's life contributing to their skin problems? We want to help answer all these.

Our mission
We partnered with Stanford dermatologists, talked with hundreds of estheticians and mined terabytes of data to come up with a solution: an affordable, trustworthy and personalized source for skincare guidance, especially for people with problematic skin.
Highly Curated Experts
After talking with hundreds of estheticians all over the country, we had a very high bar for who we'd like to trust our own skin with. Skincare experts on our platform are guaranteed to have extensive knowledge and many years of working experience with different skin concerns and different products; a great sense of responsibility and passion to bring results to your skincare journey.
Data and Science Driven
We aggregated information across the internet for >10k products, >6k ingredients, >1 million product reviews - and counting! Our data and algorithm are based on peer-reviewed research paper, cross-checking different sources and careful examination by dermatologists and chemists. These data and tools built on top are free to use for all users.
Focus on Long Term
Skincare products take weeks' continued usage to show effect, and allergies could also take weeks' continued exposure to irritants to develop. We're not a product company that sells you the cream; rather, we're a service company that takes the time to know your skin and supports you throughout.
Just for You
We deeply embed the no-one-size-fits-all principle into our service. Our app and services are designed to seamlessly fit your skin, fit your lifestyle, and fit your budget.

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