The Barefaced Battle
After failed by Accutane, my personal journey from fighting with acne to skin positivity.
November 18, 2019
Acne, it may be the worst and the best thing to ever happen to me. My barefaced battle started when I was 13, I am now nearly 20 and the battle hasn't gotten any easier, it has just changed.

My story is a little different to what you normally hear.
I have tried Accutane (Isotretinoin) three times and it hasn't worked. Accutane is sold to you as this harsh treatment that will work, and unfortunately that isn't always the reality.

For any of you who don't know, Accutane is a last resort, medication wise, for acne. Chances of it not working are 1 in a 1000 – making me pretty unlucky or special, depending on how you want to look at it.

After Accutane, you sort of hit a dead end in terms of what dermatologists can offer and you do an almost 360 back to the beginning of treatment.

Sitting in my dermatologist's office hearing him tell me that there was nothing else he could do for me was probably the most heart-breaking experience of my life. I want to use my voice to spread awareness that Accutane isn't always a miracle cure, as I want others who end up in my situation to know they aren't alone and that it doesn't mean their journey is over. My skin has come a long way, I won't ignore that, but my journey is definitely nowhere near over.
Personal Skincare routine

My skin is fairly oily, scarred, red and I still get active acne. I use an extensive Dermalogica routine, with the odd Banish products thrown in. My routine consists of 'pre-cleanse', oil based cleanser, anti-redness serum, spot treatment, SPF and moisturiser – I do try to use a face mask twice a week also. I have noticed a massive difference in the quality of my skin since using a consistent routine, and whilst it hasn't made much difference to my acne/scarring, my skin is so much healthier and glowy!
I struggle with sensitive skin and eczema, and I find most skincare brands too strong for my skin, but with Dermalogica I have never had any problems.

Although my skin journey hasn't made much progress, I like to focus on my personal growth.
In March 2019, I decided to stop running from my acne and embrace that it makes me who I am. Creating @barefacedbelle account was the best thing I ever did, I get to help others feel confident in their skin whilst helping myself. I wanted to join a movement of encouraging people everywhere to love their skin. And contributing to the next generation of removing the taboo on skin issues! I want young girls and boys to scroll through their feeds and see real people with real skin, so they know they are not alone. This acne community is an army, an army of loving, supportive people who genuinely care about every single one of their peers/followers.

My advice to anyone suffering with their own barefaced battle, or any battle of any kind, is to be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack, it makes the world of difference. Acne is beautiful! Feeling better and confident has to start with yourself, you have to think about what the worst thing will be and rationalise with yourself. Acne does not make you less beautiful, less worthy, less important or any thoughts you're thinking. Acne makes you strong – probably stronger than your non-acne peers, it represents your journey and makes you who you are.

And you're amazing.

Acne fighter. Skin positivity. @barefacedbelle

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