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I've been looking for a good way to get started with a skincare regimen but I always felt overwhelmed. My esthetician through Glowism explained everything really clearly and in a way that felt like talking to a (super knowledgeable) friend. She explained what was working in my current routine and why, and added product recommendations with different budgets and why she liked them! Super thrilled with my experience!
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Overall I'm very happy with the service. I had a 15 minute consultation with a dermatologist over video a week before I tried Glowism and with the dermatologist, I didn't feel like she took the time to explain as thoroughly as my aesthetician from Glowism. When I had my appointment with a dermatologist, the whole session felt rushed and I wasn't able to get my questions answered. There was no time to really discuss ingredients. With Glowism, I was able to ask a lot of follow up questions after the initial report. My aesthetician was really thorough and I am learning a lot about skincare specific to my needs.
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The submitting form was easy to understand and fun to fill out! The plan was very thorough and felt very personal, I really enjoyed reading it! Gave me something to think about, I'll follow her advice, makes everything much easier for me and it's so reassuring having someone professional just sort it out! Should have done this ages ago! Haha thanks!
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It's really what I hoped for, somebody that can help me create my routine, my doctor didn't really give that much info on my skin and this is great! I love the platform and it's a really good idea!
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I just read through the plan and it's so amazing and comprehensive! I think your service is wonderful and I'll support you as best as I can by spreading the word about what you're doing. Keep up the amazing work... I'll definitely use your service again!
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Thanks for being thorough but also easily readable. It seems like really good advice! I will definitely try out the recommended products. Again, thank you for your help!
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Glowism is helpful and my esthetician did a thorough job. They're very helpful and their services are very informative for a starter like me.
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Great job, all aspects were great! I could see this really taking off!
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The consultation is exactly the way it should be. Clear and thorough.
Brooke Nelson
I loved that my esthetician had advice on the current products that i'm using, and she also offered some alternative products to try if I wanted to try something new. She also seemed to have a lot of expertise on ingredients that are beneficial for my specific skin type so I really appreciated learning about that!
My time with glowism was great. My consultant was knowledgeable and helpful and very responsive. I felt so confident in my routine and appreciate ways in which I can better it.
Austin Wilson
The thing I like in particular is that they're not sponsored by or affiliated with any brands.
Micah Varnado
I appreciated the second look and opinion on my skin! I'm excited to check out the recommendations.
Eva Auer
Great consultation, thank you for your advice!
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